Financial advice

Do you have enough time to manage your office at home?
Do you feel uncertain about financial matters? I am the person to support you.



Do you sometimes feel misunderstood by your banker? Do you have questions about the risks of your financial investments? I offer analysis from a completely independent perspective.


Review of your tax situation

Which aspects of tax do I have to consider when taking decisions? Are there legal ways to reduce my overall tax liability? I look forward to working with you on an optimal solution. (i.e. additional voluntary contributions, endowment)

Completing the tax return

Would you like to delegate this tedious task? I have experience in completing tax returns and preparing intercantonal tax apportionment.

Real Estate

Purchase of property

What kind of financing do I need? Which is the best possible mortgage option for me? Should I draw on my pension or use it as collateral?

Existing mortgage facilities

Are you happy with the interest rate of your current mortgage? Ask for a second opinion.


Security for the family

What happens to my family in the event of a long term illness or accident, both now and at retirement? I know what options are available to you and how to access them.

Power of Attorney/wardship

Assistance with setting up a power of attorney, wardship in cases where the individual is unable to act for themselves due to a disability or illness.

Inheritance planning

Are there different ideas in your family about the handling of the inheritance when you pass away? Are you sure your partner will know how to handle matters without your support. Support is at hand for an optimal solution.